Nice Rack.

I'm a bit intimidated because mine aren't so big, but I will give it a shot. :P My breasts would like some appreciation too!

(o Y o)!!

allyrs allyrs
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how big is not a problem they should firm and perky...add me

i agree with armyboy

they dont have to be big to get appreciation babe but be greatful you have them cause some guys like me love them all shapes and sizes

i would like to appreciate them!

i bet they are beautiful...

it's not the size at all. each set is individually their own amazing treasures.

Hahaha, wtf?

As some have said not quantity, but rather quality. Keep in mind that the quality comes from your own confidence, as long as you are confident with who you are, then it will automaticaly allow others around you to appeciate you and who you are.

Why not post a pic of them so that we could be the judge of that.... Sure that they are just lovely...

wel lots have a look an c

Never be intimidated allyrs ... just be proud of what you have and enjoy whatever appreciation comes your way!

Let's hope so, pix. :P

It's not quantity, it's quality girlfriend!!!!! :-) I bet they are lovely!!

Well, let's have a look at them :------]