My Analytical Head

Why do I have to analyse everything so much, do I distrust people that much, do I belive that people and stuff is out to get me, or do I just not understand what it is all about???

Perhaps it just that I mistrust.....

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D, yep that's a connection right there....... X

Maybe you should look at it like this in a more are intelligent and just extremely aware. I used to wonder all the time why I think the way I do....I feel like I am overall more complex than most....I am indecisive as hell...its hard for me to give anyone a YES/NO answer because I factor in other elements or the what ifs. But all this thinking has kept me out of trouble (away from people I mistrusted in just random conversation)....more open minded (about people and circumstances) and usually in the right direction!

**** happens don't it. <br />
<br />
I don't worry about anything.<br />
<br />
I just try to work it all out.<br />
<br />
It seems betrying peoples trust is human nature, greed and sush like.

I'm always a thinker as well. Sometimes I know I shouldn't worry or fret about it but then I do and I think that makes things worse. I am weary about trusting anyone as well because I know in the past ppl have betrayed my trust.

Thanks for the spelling correction Bee, but we were both wrong. I looked it up and put it right..... :)

I am exactly the same way. i dont trust people and i over ANALIZE everything that anyone says or does. i dont sleep because im up thinking!