It can hurt ... but it does depend on what you are thinking about of course.  I have a very strong imagination and live inside my head an awful lot.  My thoughts are mostly private and I choose to keep them that way.  

My thoughts can often be constructive and I try to work through problems and have conversations with myself, discussing the pros and cons.

But, sometimes I love to be alone with my thoughts and will deliberately shut myself away and close my eyes.  Those thoughts are the enjoyable ones and an indulgence.  

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

To think for your self does indeed hurt. That is why most people embrace whatever "religion" they happen to be born into...DD

I agree but I tend to move away from the thoughts that are painful and think about the good things, like a newborn babies cry, the sound of a spring bird, water flowing over rocks, etc.

You are so right my friend. I feel the same way. Many thought are enjoyable and even indulgences. Some though are very taxing and very close to home. (((((Hugs)))))