All Kinds Of People Already Own Guns Illegally So Yeah....

I could easily see this makes sense to me simply because most people would want to be good "law abiding" citizens and follow the rules so they don't get in trouble or go to jail/prison.....

even tho if you believe in the constitution of the Unites States then you should be very upset if they ever would outlaw guns because it's supposed to be a protected right and i feel you should have the right to defend your own property/self if it comes to that and obviously a gun is the logical choice to accomplish doing that(swords and shields went away a long time ago lol....although i liked them/those days better haha)

will i "break" the law to have one?? probably yes, because i feel the founding forefathers of this country wanted that for me(hence why they took the time to make it a "law/rite" for you me...while on that subject they also didn't want banks to take over and yeah a couple hundred years later and look what ending up happening lol way to go peeps, we let those crooked politicians **** up everything in this country!! woohoo) also i don't have faith in the police/justice system one bit(casey anthony anyone? O.J.?? hello...haha) but seriously if you think they care one bit about you well you're crazy...they don't protect and serve your interests just their own..well somebody's but not the average taxpayers!! and if you count on them to get there in time to "save" well then you're probably going to be dead anyways, so yeah you'll probably be wanting that gun right about then huh? lol

Have and good one everyone!! and God Bless!! and let us hope they never outlaw guns because yeah "outlaws/bad people will have them anyways and so will the police/nazis lol)
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then I will be an OUTLAW