Nothing Like The Sound Of Racking Your Shotgun Slide Back When Some Maggot Is Trying To Kick Down Your Door..the Look On His Face..priceless

It is better to own a gun and not need it then need it and not have it, that being said, that gun is responsablity and you need to how to use it, clean it and keep it secured. One only needs to look at the amount of times a gun has saved someone, because they couldn't call the police or they were in a very rural area.  Outlaws never play by the rules, its our constitional right to own firearms, we are the militia, our ancestors fought side by side with the militia back in the revolution.  If you meet the criteria, recieve the proper training, you should not be penalized by people who dont believe you need one because they don't like them.Hey, live and let live. If you dont want or like guns don't buy one. but don't tread on me man as it's my constitional right  As far as people whining about how many people are killed by guns? Sad.. but guns don't kill people, people kill people with knives, sticks, shovels...More people have died in car accidents or overdoses on medications but nobody is banning asprin or cars nor will they ever. Having a gun is a great responsability especially if you have kids.   Interesting to note, during the great Hurricane Katrina diaster where people were stranded for weeks in thier homes, in the heat, on second floors, attitcs and roofs with no way to get help, Looters, rapists, posinous snakes and alligators were a constant threat and people used firearms for protection, The new Orleans Police, Sheriffs, National Guard were ordered..( by who?) Governor, Mayor?) to take law abiding citizens guns, these peoples only line of defense away.  Why?  Since that time, numerous states have passed laws saying the police can't take away your firearms during state or national emergencies, unless they have lawful reasons to do so, ie, committing a crime, threatening to commit a crime, unlawful possesion, ectr.  Some liberal politicains decided to throw out our sacred 2nd amendment because they thought they could do soo.  The federal government has the strictest gun laws and yet fail to prosecute people that violate those laws. Why?  Now you got the big ATF gun scandal going on the federal AG's office. Amazing.. The bottom line here outlaws will never play by the rules, hence the name,  If the government ever takes all the guns, its like ringing the dinner bell for people that are elderly, disabled, whatever.  they can take my firearms when they pry it from my cold dead hands!  Rock on.
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I live in Mexico, which only allows police, military and bad guys to have guns.
The bad guy knows I don't have a gun when he wants my car, wallet or things in my house and wife or daughters.

Fully agree with you

couldn't agree more.