And I'll Be One Of Them

I enjoy shooting guns and of course, having them around for protection is always good.  HOWEVER, I think people are being ridiculous when they keep saying "the government's going to take away our guns."  The government's got bigger issues to **** with than whether you do or do not have a gun in your possession.  Chill--no one's gonna take your crayons...

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Security is a well armed neighbor.

Hm. As a Canadian, I live in a society where plenty of people own guns, but most of them are hunting weapons. And I mean assorted gauges of rifles, not UZI's and AK47s (which are meant to kill people, not game). A few years ago, the government required that ALL privately owned guns be registered. There was a lot of annoyed protest, but it made sense. Owning a non-registered gun became a crime. So if your gun is unregistered, you are presumably one of the criminals, and the police have something to hold you on if you are suspicious. I'm not sure what the American gun laws are at this present time, but I do know that the constitutional right to bear arms is very important to many American citizens. Requiring registration might be a solution.<br />
And now, I'm going to get a bit pedantic, so bear with me. The inclusion of the right to bear arms arose from the British imperialistic necessity of forbidding the bearing of arms to people who might prove rebellious to British rule (i.e. Scotland as well as America). I personally am not so sure that the right to bear arms is really necessary nowadays. (Yes, I know there are areas that are extremely susceptible to the actions of criminals). If, say, guns were illegal, and ONLY criminals were carrying guns, then the possession of a firearm would allow police to arrest gun-toters immediately, regardless of whether they had committed any other offense. Would this be a bad thing?<br />
I am playing devil's advocate here. I would love to hear everyone else's opinion.

Well, I agree it would probably be THE toughest thing our govt could do is ban guns and take them from all law abiding citizens, leaving only the criminals armed.<br />
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The problem is, that the left knows this, so they will peck away ever so slightly at our second amendment rights, hoping to eventually get it done some time in the future. It is a daily battle to keep the lefties at bay on this issue. And as we all know.... once a lefty gets an idea, they will stop at nothing to get it done. Just take a look at what is going on right now with the HC bill. Just look at the fraud they created on climate change. They will stop at nothing. By hook or by crook, they will get it done.<br />
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Anyway, I do agree that they will not ever be able to get our guns. There is way more opposition to that than anything else.<br />
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So, while we both say, relax people, they won't take them.... you still need to keep an eye on them.