The Question. Sorry To Long To Ask

Is it ok to hate someone?

A year and a half ago I met a guy and yes a guy. we talked and we flirted it was cool. 1st time someone flirted with me.
So I asked him out about 3 weeks after that ... a week later I introduced him to a friend... 2 weeks later they tell me they are in love with each other and ask me to be happy. " I grinned and bared it" 2 months later the broke up. He Got low Drinking alot and depression crap. crying.. I stayed through a lot of ****. I even tried to re spark what ever it was we had. A year later I lost my Uncle and a friend less than a week apart. I did not handle it to well I got low. very low. He the whole time very dismissive and kinda like a it will get better ad bull ****. I was tired so I tryed on last time to tell him how I feel. He Called me a emotional manipulator and said until I get help don't even talk to him. I was stall am like WTF. I kinda hate him because at one point He begged me to stay with him . I am going through a lot in my own mind. He is just uncaring. I hate

He kinda confirmed something I already knew but I was not ready to give up on that part of myself... so I have to ask is it ok to hate him?
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A wise man once said...."HATERS GONNA HATE" No one can help their emotions which is probably why you stayed with him so long in the first place. Just go with it if you hate him then shrug off the dirt and pop your collar! if not then a strong heart and a new friend..... companion, or rather....Any who doesn't matter how many you hate It all depends on how many you love <3

Hate is kinda spontaneous, I agree with the comment that you can't hold onto "hate" forever [battlefunk], however, I personally feel that one shouldn't even "entertain" such evil-negativity in the first place, though it may be en route to healing, like going from one extreme emotion to another, type-of-thing....prolly ultimately, you want to let it go....some of us do need to think things through and through [ad nausem], then let it go, but if you know it's not going anywhere, sadly so, then skip the torment and just let it go...[if at all possible]...imho...

Well, man, I can definitely see your anger. But hate is a strong word and a strong emotion. But when it comes to these situations, it can be very easy to let anger turn to hate. Yes, the way he acted was incredibly selfish and uncool. You have every right to be angry. But, you are a good-hearted person, so don't let that make you hate him. You just have to write him off. Just forget about him. I know that it sucks to have to do that, especially if you liked someone. But, either way, you will either become friends again, or if not, just stay away. Don't waste your time and energy with it anymore. You have too much other stuff to do than to worry about this guy. I hope that you feel better my friend. Peace. :-)

Hey take it easy and relax.
You don't have to like every one and yes hating him is the right thing to do.
Hating some one/thing that hurted you before makes you feel better.

honey, he's a douche. First, if he called you a manipulator, after he flirted with you.... and you tried to help him through his deal( even thought you had no obligation to) then you do not need him. Yes you have a right to be angry. I don't think you necessarily hate him. just his personality ,( which by the way sucks) feel however you want, they are your feelings. I know you just want someone to tell you that you are justified in your feeling this way and that is perfectly normal, just don't let hate overwhelm you as a person. Everyone has had that one time where you knew that you shouldn't let someone get the best of you, and you should just let it slide, but you dwell until it just eats you up. Time to move on though. Unless you are still around this person. let it go, it's done and so should you be. Let a douche stay a douche, you have more class than him, but yes, you can feel angry, just remember that next time he needs you again, you won't be available. Rise above!!!

Sorry to hear about it man. In some cases hating someone is more than acceptable sometimes you're almost obliged to hate them. In this case I suggest you forget him and let him go. The more of your energy you use up hating him the less enrgy you have to love someone worthy of you. Good luck with everything future and hope it goes well. Take care! :)