OUI Getting Caught

To understand Ive had my drivers licesne for 43 years not a mark on it. I also brought up 3 kids  which now are all adults. I preached and preached never drive  drunk  which they have never done- Now for the details - I was in a situation where if i had not left I was going to be in harms way - with no cell phone i was able to sneak out the back door and take off in my car . I arrived at a parking lot and parked my car with the motor on -I had been drinking rums/cokes all evening - I truly do not know how I found this parking lot  - it was 6am on a sunday- I had parked the car in the STATE POLICE parking lot .The next thing I remember was watching my car being towed away. the state police  found me sitting in my car with the engine running. They ran the finger/nose test I flunked,then the walk the line one which I flunked- then in all of my wisdom I turned the breatolizer test - bottom line  i now have 1700.00 court fees and a 500.00 drunk drivers course i have to attend for 17 weeks. Oh and my liecense is suppended foe 8mo.- ive learned a new way of life using buses and cabs and trains - Ive never valued my car as much as i do now i see it everyday  knowing i can't use it.I'm sick and depressed but i must keep the one and only job i have for 41/2 hrs a day or else ill be on the streets homeless.I plead with everyone please dont drink and drive it is not worth it . If i can  pass on this experince even to one person id be so gratefull- I'm 58  i should have know better

wildfiref9 wildfiref9
Mar 17, 2009