Sprinkle Your Own Stardust ..from Your Heart :)

 The best and most honest things always come from the heart.

They aren’t from a fancy store; they don’t have a big price tag on them they are simple gifts given freely and without reserve from your heart. The laughter from your children, the love of a friend or lover, the encouragement of a friend and to a friend, so many things can be given from your heart.
When you're down in spirits, what comforts you? For me, it's usually a mixture of chocolate, laughter and encouraging thoughts, the love of family & friends.

So sprinkle some stardust into the heart of others you touch everyday in some special way ~  
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14 Responses Aug 5, 2010

zall1rog- Stardust NEVER loses its shine sweetie :)

FG- Maybe we need to start a new group.."What is your most treasured gift from the heart"? :)


FG- I know what you mean. Gifts from the heart are always treasured the most!

Honestly you would have better luck asking for my car or my house than getting that gift.

Honestly you would have better luck asking for my car or my house than getting that gift.

I agree. I have a precious possession and it has no monetary value. It came to me in an email and it was written from the heart by the man who makes my heart beat in a rainbow of colors. Although to someone else this item that I carry in my purse at all times may have no value to me it means the world and someone would have to kill me to take that piece of paper I printed with his words from me. It really is about heart.

commongrounseekr- aww you never know :-)....sending you lots of warm wishes !

i wish that somebody would sprinkle some of that cheerful dust my way!

Breezeann-thanks for your sweet comments :)

Des- sprinkle sprinkle :) <br />
<br />
Bassy- you matter to me VERY much..always have..always will :) <br />
<br />
Marcus- When you give from the heart that is what truly matters...always<br />
<br />
PTMAN- Sprinkle me please..LOL ...

that is a great post snow, and so very true. <br />
<br />
thanks<br />
<br />
i will sprinkle everbody from now on. :)

The most comforting thing for me is knowing that in someone's life, I matter.

Indeed....! :)