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"This present volume is a work of fiction supposed to be taken metaphorically and with a grain of salt. Any semblance to actual people or events is entirely incidental."


No offense to anyone, 'tis just my opinion.


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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Smokeseek - that's all good, but I've learned the hard way that there are many people who are taking it literally.<br />
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amylynn - I agree that most stories Jesus tells in the bible are good metaphors about values many of us (me included) keep to this day. However, I also find that a lot of things in there aren't as loving and forgiving... <br />
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navyvet - No, actually we also have the Apocrypha, the Sruti, the Qur'an, Svetambara, Torah, Kojiki, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, ... and many others. seems to merely scratch the surface.<br />
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puck61 - nice way to put it :)

No offense taken! Jesus had some awesome things to say, but I've certainly found some apparent misprints in the rest of the Bible- beautiful writing and poetry though! A bunch of clerics got together and decided what was in and what was out, and probably messed it up a little. Darn humans!

Unfortunately, the Bible is all we have as a reference to God's word. Although in my opinion, it has been "cooked" by the Catholic Church, & everyone else involved. The R. C. Church was far more corrupt then, than it is today.

The contents of the Bible are a matter of faith. Personally I believe the stories to be allegorical rather than literal.