The Big Things!

I saw a group on here called "I Think the Little Things Make Life Worthwhile."  That's such a cliché statement.  I've heard it so many times.  The little things matter the most.  People find the most happiness in the "little things."  I'm honestly sick of hearing it.  What about the BIG THINGS?  That's where I get the most happiness.  Moving!  Meeting someone who changes your life!  Traveling the world!  Falling in love!  Getting a new job!  The state of Texas!  That's what gives me the most happiness...not silly little things like whatever the cliché says.  I can't remember what they all are, but they're not bad things.  They're they say...little.  Yeah, they give me happiness...but just a little happiness.  BIG things give me BIG happiness!  I have a little bit of appreciation for the little things in life, but I have a BIG appreciation for the BIG things in life!  Little things will only get you so far...sometimes, you need something BIG!  At least I know I do.

Maybe it's just a personal thing.  I'm used to little things.  I grew up in a little suburb, went to a little school, had just a few friends, and did very little exciting things.  I LIKE BIG!  I'm sick of little everything.  I wanna move back to Texas!  I wanna go to a big church, work for a big company, go on big vacations, make big money, make a big discovery, go on a big adventure, meet people that I love BIG time and be able to show it in BIG ways...

This big minded guy doesn't wanna settle for little things!

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That's a good question...I don't know. I feel like I could survive only on big things though. They keep my interest more.

Well, thanks Lily...I like to think so :-)<br />
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I guess you're kind of like June. You've already gotten lots of the big things like falling in love, and you can't afford the things that cost money, so the little things are all that are left I guess. I guess if I ever get the big things I want, I'll eventually get tired of them and start appreciating the little things.

I see what you mean CBM...big things aren't always good. So I guess for suicidal people like you mentioned should look at little things more because it would give them a reason to be alive...actually that might help me with a couple of my suicidal friends, so thank you for bringing that to my attention!<br />
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I think that's great that you can really appreciate the little things. That way, you don't have to have big things to happen to you to be happy. But I'm just really not that way. But I suppose I'll just keep pursuing the big things to keep me happy...I'm a big-minded person!

Never underestimate the power a simple smile can have over a downtrodden stranger.

CBM and WMYTIN, the things you mention are all fine and dandy, don't get me wrong. But the thing is that, like you said CBM, you experience them every day. If I experienced them once in a lifetime, they would seem much more special. But the fact that they happen every day is what makes them so boring. Routine and monotony are boring. Big surprises and huge life changes are exciting!<br />
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And CBM, I think you might be missing the point a bit too. Maybe a couple of the things I mentioned were superficial, but falling in love isn't. Meeting someone who changes your life usually isn't. And as I was discussing with a friend the other day, we were talking about God and how big He is, but he is FAR from little. He's the biggest, yet least superficial, thing in the universe. You don't have to sit on your a** all day and wait for big things to come to you either. You can pursue them and go to them!<br />
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WMYTIN, those things you mentioned are usually things that I'll forget the next day...especially the socks thing! I mean, I don't even pay attention to what socks I'm wearing...<br />
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Andrew, I think you've got the picture. The big things like you mentioned are things you'll remember. They're the things that leave a huge impact on your life. They're the things that really make a difference...not just for a few seconds, but for the rest of your life!

Hmm...I guess that makes sense. I guess it's the other cliché this time..."the grass is always greener." All I ever get is little things, so I want big things. You've had lots of big things, so you like little things. You always want what you don't have...

Well, for me.. all things make me happy.<br />
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I think it's based on where you are in life. When I was younger I wanted to experience all that you said. Do things, fall in love, meet amazing people.<br />
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Nowadays, I've found what made me happy the most - my job - and I am no longer that eager to do all of those things I thought I should do. [This probably have something to do with age, too :)]<br />
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And I start to appreciate little things because I was made aware of how quickly one can lose all those.<br />
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I don't think there's anything wrong with either of them. What you prefer makes you you. Go, Big!