The Logo Is P. U.

I'm not  talking about the members who use the blue heads..Ep needs to give you a nice  about a big, yellow smiley face?  laugh Blue heads look Blank . They remind me of Necklace displays at the jewelry counter..    That's all....I'm just making the world all better  heart

wiseowl wiseowl
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7 Responses Apr 25, 2010

I did suggest it but no response or interest there. There must be a blue head fan club..I will not be joining up..nah

I agree,<br />
<br />
But it used to be even worse,<br />
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Why don't you post this on I want to improve experience project?

Hi Sonny..nah..I think they're blue. OMG..I totally love the Blue men group..My son in law saw them in concert & said it was awesome.Have you seen them perform?

Aren't the heads purple? When I first saw this group, I thought this was about the Blue Man Group!

good point my cutie emrldP..I'll give it a go.

Exactly! They look evil. People need a choice that's friendly.I get that not everyone knows how to seek & apply avatars from the internet. That's why new Epeeps need more & better choices. When a persons ' fans" me & they have a blue head...Red flag alert. You & I know trolls use them, often.

lol, when i first saw this group the first thing i thought was "THE BLUE MEANIES ARE COMING! THE BLUE MEANIES ARE COMING!!!!!!!" LOL