Our 8 Llamas Need Your Help

My friend has eight llamas and after a dispute over land boarders, she has to rehome them, (hopefully only short term until she can get more land and bring the flock back together again). She's raising money for transportation, vet bills (the man whose land they're on isn't very nice and has them bunched into a small patch, which is bad because they need lots of space, they like running around and stuff) and so on. He's also demanding money from her and threatening that if she doesn't pay up, he'll sell them to a circus. :(
So if you or anyone you know is able to afford even in a little way (we accept all donations, no matter how great or small, as long as you can safely afford them), please check this fundraising page out and share and/or donate:
Here's a little picture of two of them, aren't they lovely? They would be so happy not to be sold off to a circus and will love you forever if you help them escape this fate!

HOPE YOU CAN HELP!! Check out our gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/1kcwro

Cabria Cabria
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With no other information, we can check good luck
to me just one more scam.

Fair enough, I know there are a lot of scams going on at the moment. It's wise to be careful.
However, you have no evidence that says that I am scamming anyone. That is an accusation, based on nothing.
I can understand the need to protect oneself from scams - I've seen a lot of them going on too.
All I can give you are my words: you're more than welcome to ask for more proof, if you can think of a way I can prove it to you, that is. You cannot prove that I'm making this up so labelling it a scam is jumping the gun.
You can see from my profile that I have been an active EP member for a long time - I am a real person!! And I'm genuine in this. I have personally found two homes for some of the llamas through my own family contacts. If you can think of a way that I could prove it to you, please do tell.

Post as a state so it can be checked out with police or something.

We have many here that have them may be able to help.

Sorry not mean to offend do, but it is just that time of the year.

That's ok, no offense taken.
Your police can't help - this is not taking place in the US, but in Europe. And in order to protect the girl in question from the man who's extorting money from her, I am keeping her identity confidential (that is me you see on the funding page). What I can do is upload more pictures of her llamas and our progress, to show that we are serious. We've also added 'rewards' to our funding page, which will be sent to donors. Some of them take hours to create as they are hand-woven, we're putting a lot of thought, care and energy into them.
I appreciate your concern - and appreciate is the right word because I can relate to that feeling of distrust. And though it is unsettling that the world is so full of distrust, I am glad for the rest of humanity that some of us, like yourself, arescrutinising and questioning things.