Take A Deep Breath

Three time today I have seen things about Govt coffins and Social Security buying bullets. What they don't ever bother to mention is that the Social Security Admin has its own police force....They investigate fraud...make arrests and thus carry a gun! So just like every other police force they buy ammo. If you divide it by the agents its about 500 rounds per officer. NOT SUSPICIOUS! And second, the coffins...In the event a flu outbreak (i.e.1918 influenza PANdemic)the CDC keeps coffins on hand so that contaminated corpses can be safely stored and don't need to be burned before the families can get the remains. Like after the tsunami for example, they had to burn bodies without ever identifying them because the health risks of a quarter or a million dead bodies is just a serious as the influenza itself. And trust me all the funeral homes in the country don't have near enough to handle that kind of capacity. Everyone needs to relax, the world is not going to end, and our government is not coming to get us. Government should be afraid of there people, not the other way around. If you look at the Mayan Calender, and realize the simple fact that it took them 1,600 years to make it, then it stands to reason they were not capable of making another. Plus they did not have a leap year, and we do so the calender would have come to an end a while ago now. Of course I am not telling anyone what to believe, just would like to point out the facts. Everyone take a deep breath and remember Y2K...Were all still here, and we didn't nuke ourselves. GooosFraba!!!

Furthermore, forced vaccinations probably fall on the same lines as the coffins. Its a measure to preserve life, not take it away. Why would our government want to kill us....They can't tax us if were dead after all.
Maybe they are covering up Aliens....Hell the religions of the world would lose their marbles if they didn't. Its all just sill hog wash folks. When you really look at it, its makes no sense at all. Just paranoid banter. Like the video of a bunch of tanks being moved through L.A. Ummmmm hello there are about 50 Military bases just south of L.A. especially the really big one called Pendelton. Its not like these tanks are not used on the front, or maybe they needed a damn oil change. Just cause they are being moved through a major metropolitan area does not mean they are coming to get us. See why they usually move them at night??? After all the rail system and highway system were designed for the movement of military units, food, gas, equipment etc.

It all takes me back to my original point, money makes the world go round. And if they kill us we would only cost money. Certainly would not generate any, and if were all dead the money aint worth **** so Relax.
Pmoore87 Pmoore87
22-25, M
Sep 17, 2012