My Ode Entitled 'ankor Wat'

posted for the lovely lady at the Halifax
have a wonderful time dear
and have a great day

ankor wat, such a powerful place
has been for a thousand years of the bhuddist race
shame its in cambodia, which remains
scam central of all south east asia

the scams start at poipet border cross
as the border police try to tax you across
the trick is just refuse to pay
and take some us dollar just in case

then you get scammed, taken to a bus
station all gleaming, with prices to match
but then you dont know where you are
and 35 degree heat just makes you not care

enter siem reap, the scams just rack up
but unfortunately they start at the top
the president's brother has the town all stiched up
from hotels to transport,he always takes a cut.

but even the fee to see that amazing place
the wat, the temples, size of birmingham
some of the money goes to aspara hotel
which is the presidents brothers little cartel

so every local just takes his lead
and scams what he can, a financial bleed
doesnt affect most, lots of money heading there
they spend it like water, they just do not care

the dollar is polluting the locals as well
dollars in the eyes of all those who went through hell
its not hard to notice the lack of old men
with pol pot to thank, the killing fields hell

many orphans too try and sell you stuff
to make a dollar or two, but is it enough?
the dollars in their eyes gets you upset
when all they should be doing is playing with friends

but for those of good spirit, who dont value cash
only as a tool to get what they can
the temple that is just so good for the soul
is being sold out to those who choose gold

and those surfing a more spiritual plane
are being priced out of a place they belong
bhuddists are expected to pay to go visit their church
which seems kind of wrong, to pay for anything of the earth
41-45, M
Jul 29, 2010