The Far East

At the present time live in China. been here 5 years or so and find it more excitingthan being back in rural Iowa. Lived in this region since 1992 and trust the people more. Fascinating areas plus with a long history one can really find many places more interesting than others. Here in China like Xi'an with the Terrra Cotta Warriors going back to the Qin dynasty. Very solid warriors stand to do battle in the protection of the emperor. No two faces remain the same and wonder just wonder what the people were really thinking when they created these people. Over 10,000 and many are still ready to do something.
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nice of you to comment. Waales wow first time heared from someone from this region. Home is Boston or should i say where I grew up. Lived in Iowa for 14 years before coming to this section of the world. Really do love it and yep the USA has a problem. Plently of work here for me as ateacher of English. Love it! Hope you can read more of my writings and enjoy the day.<br />
<br />

thats wicked, your having a nice life<br />
and I bet you live for nothing<br />
but shame about the foxconn employees<br />
suiciding their lives away<br />
<br />
but life going to get interesting<br />
now China has downgraded <br />
the west's credit ratings<br />
suppose it means much more<br />
quantatitive easing<br />
as noone will lend money<br />
to warmongers anymore<br />
<br />
your better off where you are<br />
your government now debating<br />
a slavery bill to make<br />
citizens work for 2 years for nothing<br />
and the gulf oil spill going<br />
to cause a great mess in the gulf<br />
real soon, drilling a big methane<br />
pocket on purpous, blowing it too<br />
to cause lots of undue suffering<br />
<br />
but on my travels the people<br />
in the east, most look west<br />
but if they realised just how crap<br />
it was here, would not want it<br />
the west is extravegant beyond means<br />
and soon it's going to pay dearly<br />
including my very own family<br />
<br />
though I am from wales<br />
things not so bad as the states<br />
where theres no bill of rights left<br />
to protect my stateside friends<br />
but I hope to come to china<br />
within the next 12 months<br />
so please stay in touch<br />
would like to say hello<br />
<br />
and please look at my poems about<br />
bankok and and ankor wat<br />
your so lucky to be in the easy<br />
all those lovely people and<br />
lots of spirituality<br />
<br />
peace x