I love fashion. In my opinion, it's a beautiful art form, and I do enjoy watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines. The only issue I have with the fashion industry is the promotion (whether intentional or not) of the emaciated body. I'm sure a lot of people share this opinion. It creates the false idea that women MUST be this thin to be attractive, which is absolutely ridiculous and extremely unhealthy.

I understand the reason behind this phenomenon- the designers use a certain amount of cloth to produce the clothing you see on the runways. They aren't sure yet if any retailers are going to buy the clothing, so they don't want to spend more money than they have to in the production, hence the smallest size humanly possible. Smaller size = less cloth used = money saved in case buyers don't buy. It's supply and demand, but it sends the wrong message.

I believe that it is every parent's responsibility to explain this to their children, to let them know that not everyone is naturally that thin, and that a lot of those models do unhealthy things to achieve that size because they feel they would lose job security if they were larger. In order to see any real changes, it's going to take the parents AND the fashion industry to make it happen.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Any parent who has attended their anorexic child's funeral would wholeheartedly agree with you. I just refused to accept an incredibly beautiful designer dress for free because it was a "too thin" dress. My anorexic daughter would fit in it fine, and she will also die if she continues to starve herself. Death, in a mother's eyes, is not beautiful in any way. I wish this disease would die, though.