The Artistry of the Female Body.

Maybe it is seeing something that is different than yourself. Maybe it is the delicate curve or the soft lines. I can't truly explain. In a world of men, upside down triangles and columns. The feminine form is both elegant and graceful. It is a work of art, a thing of beauty, truly something to behold. But it is even more so when the spirit that inhabits it, allows her beauty to shine through from within. Then it takes on the most magnificent glow.

This was something I came to realize a long time ago when I was taking a figure drawing class, many years ago. The day I realized this I felt as if my charcoal actually reached out and touched the model, capturing more than her physical form, I felt as if I captured her mood, her spirit, her inner essence. And once I learned I could draw like this, I never drew the female form the same ever again.


Dragoncat0228 Dragoncat0228
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Well said GeraldWrites and I hole heartedly agree!

Being driven by the 'muse' as we who endevour to create or recreate images with mere graphite, ink or colored pencils (so to speak) I have long found that the female form is the purity of beauty. Not called the 'fairer sex' for no reason I have been fortunate enough to have the patience to put images of beauty to canvas and paper many times. I am no snob, a woman, whether short and stout or the stereotypical stick model holds a precious beauty no matter what. I thank you for your words Dragoncat...well done.

But even the abstract can reflect beauty, Picasso's Angel is in my city and it's lines and shapes have something about them that is quite mesmerizing.

mine isn't. Mine's either modern art, or it was dreamed up by Picasso

I never have. Drawn women. I draw like a two year old speaks. But I see the beauty too. If it is there. I have my standards.

Thank you. I almost did not write this one as it was very personal and I did not want to be offensive. I am glad that you received it in the manner that it was intended.In all sincerity,Shadow.

How could I not feel beautiful and love being a female when in this world there are men just like you who appreciates us as we are, the female form. Thanks! :)