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The Ministry of Defense in the UK has carried out biological and chemical warfare experiments on the public in the past without their knowledge. This was to see how chemical and biological weapons would spread if Britain were under attack.

One of the experiments was carried out it Norwich, using a chemical called zinc cadmium sulphide. Now, there is double the number of of people suffering and dying from oesophagus cancer than the national average. The MoD still refuses to acknowledge this, despite the fact that cadmium has been known to cause serious health problems since the 1800s.

There were also many dubious experiments conducted during the 1960s:

  • scientists tested the effectiveness of nerve agents on servicemen and women even though they knew they could cause permanent damage or death
  • they were forced to sit in gas chambers with
  • they were injected with poisons and hallucinogenic drugs

It is known that around 30,000 people were used as "human guinea pigs." Many people died, such as aircraftsman Ronald Maddison in 1953, after liquid nerve agents were tested on his bare skin.

Many of the volunteers did not give their consent. Some were tricked into thinking they were participating in research into a cure for the common cold.

This is information from documents that have only been unclassified recently. Think of the information still lurking in the bowers of the government. What else could they be keeping form us? You just have to search into these things I've listed here to come up with shocking numbers of relating experiments and incidents. I can't put everything I looked up for my speech on here because there is pages and pages.

Such things don't just happen in the UK either. Just look up MKULTRA. The government is hiding things from us = fact.

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"When questioned about possible Porton Down biological warfare research, conducted since the events of September 11 2001, Dstl Porton Down (a place for military scientific research) will only state that they do not comment on research matters." :(

It sounds massively important! The world is not a safe place to be :(

Scary project, that MKULTRA. I think the American Government is the most scary government in the world!<br />
<br />
Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum are two documentaries about how religion is being used to manipulate the masses for personal gain by big religious institutions on a global scale, how the Federal Reserve Bank of America is enslaving and robbing the population, how 9/11 was an inside job by the US government, how both the Vietnam war and the Iraq/Afghanistan wars were all started on purpose by the US government (they have dealings with weapon contractors and oil owners) and how the evil men behind the global curtain plan to take over the entire world. Phew. Really, you should both see it! Addendum also talks a lot about what can be done to stop them, and what kind of society should be built instead. <br />
<br />
Both films can be seen completely free at http://zeitgeistmovie.com/<br />
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Sorry for raving on like this :( I just think it's massively important.

It is scary, That fact that these are little known things just goes to show how well the government covers things up.

I haven't seen Zeitgeist - only in your profile :P I'll add that to my things to do. What is it about? <br />
GCSE is just the exams we do here in the UK before A-levels; nothing as mindblowingly interesting as MKULTRA. Search it.

Oh my goodness, that is terrifying. I created this group with nuclear testing and UFO cover-ups in mind, but this is way scarier.

They are indeed. I wonder what MKULTRA is! I wonder so much, I think I would like to look it up! And Gcse Speech as well.<br><br />
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Have you ever watched Zeitgeist or Zeitgeist: Addendum? I am still in shock and I feel like doing something!