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we  all know ,thanks to bush,the goverment is hiding things from the people.why else do they have closed meetings?the goverment of today would shock washington,jefferson and lincoln.they would not reconize it as a democracy.washington warned agaist political parties,saying they would destroy the country,and from what i see he was right.things like the patriot act,that actually ***** us of our rights,bill of rights?not any more!when a goverment starts spying on its on people,it is no longer a democracy.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

it is human nature not to trust anyone and the worst of the human race happen to be in power, look at the world, they will destory it and then blame it each other, while we suffer for the mistakes, they need to learn to grow up, they need to be men, there has not been any real democracy since after any good revoultion but you cant do that anymore as you could get shot by a police officer defends a two faces government.

I sugest you all read a book named "behold a pale horse" by william cooper.