Dear Government...

Honestly, I really hope this gets to the government.
Dear Government,
First off, I live in Ontario, in Canada.
So my dad makes about, 1400$ a month, my mom makes about 1000$ a month. So we pay the bills, and my dad pays the taxes for his buisness, to keep it running. However, he hasn't been paying the personal taxes because we don't benefit from it, and you didn't notice. Because of this, we have had enough food in the house, and a little extra money to spend so we always have gas in the truck and my parent can go to Tim Hortons everyday. Now, after a long while, you noticed my dad hasn't been paying the taxes, so you decided to take 100% of his checks untill all the taxes are paid. that would take 6 months worth of checks. We can not live off of my moms pay checks for that long. We'll either starve to death, or lose the house. I hope you see what you're doing. I am 14 years old, and my parents won't be able to pay for food, the bills, the heating, the house, because you are taking my dads paychecks. I think it doesn't make sense. If someone can't pay the bills because they don't have the money, you put interest in it so it costs more. The people with less money have to pay more taxes and the people with more money pay less. We pay taxes on everything; insurence, food, clothes, our house, ourselves, so why do we have to pay so much?
Also, we paid twice for my brother to have a birth certificate, and you guys refuse to acknowlage his existance, therefore, we had to pay 3000$ for him when he went to the hospital for mental issues. 3000$ for a guy that doesn't exist. Good one guys.
I think it's pretty sad, when we stop paying taxes to have enough food in the house, then you want us to pay even more, and now we're gonna have no food in the house. I am quite unhealthy, we only buy the cheap stuff and we almost never get healthy food because it's more expensive. When I was younger, and still sometimes, we had to get my clothes from the woman's shelter, because they give free clothes to those who need it. We have gone to the food bank for food when we had no food. We have turned to friends and family for money when we needed it. I honestly think that all that is quite embarrasing.
I never go out, anywhere. I don't eat the kind of food, or the amount of food I'm supposed to. I don't do any activities that cost money, and I don't take the bus to go from one side of town to the other; I walk there. I do this because I know that if i go out to the movies or something, it costs money. I eat food, and we have to buy more. I do any activities I can really benifit from and it costs money. I take the bus and it costs money.
I don't do things a teenager should be able to do because it costs money, money we need to use to pay the bills. I am letting my life pass by, right in front of me, because you are taking all our money. I can't live because I'm scared we might not have enough money for food that month if I do something.
I know there are other people out there that have this same problem, and you're not fixing it. Not even trying to. What's up with that? In fact, you want us to pay more taxes!
Out of this, I learned that only two things are garentied in life. Death, and taxes.
If this does make it to the government, I hope you see what you're doing and fix it.
Sincerely, Nevaeh
NevaehForever NevaehForever
13-15, F
Jan 15, 2013