The Carbon Footprint

The Global warming lie is being driven by junk science and it's a way the U.N. is trying to tax industrialized nations with a carbon footprint tax. All the sudden the science that backed Al Gore's inconvenient Truth has been repudiated but the agenda continues to be pushed by the major news outlets and educators who are dictated to as to what science to teach, even bad science. The truth is the earth goes through warming and cooling periods. the last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere Napoleon was at Waterloo, Wonder who was driving cars and burning fossil fuels then? The sun drives the warming of the earth, and what does the sun warm to create global warming? Water not CO2.

30,000 scientists couldn't refute the global warming myth because no one would debate the issue. That's why they had to sue Al Gore to bring the junk science to light. Amazingly the U.N.who used Al's research to front the issue, have backed off on the bad research but the issue still has a life of it's own through every little quip by a news person. It's a form of brain washing, tell someone a lie enough times and they will start to believe the lie.

The next thing the U.N. wants to tax is the countries that have water verses the ones that don't. Are you ready for a U.N. water bill?

In conclusion, it's always about the money that can be stolen from the U.S.masses  under false pretense. Do your research and you'll find the U.N.'s plans to use food as a weapon against non conformists in the international community. Codex Alimentarius is the key word on the google search.

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This isn't about pollution or eco systems Shell. If your worried about our water ask yourself why they (our gov.)would mandate the new fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury in California, and movement to do the same across the country?you know just like I do that somepone will throw the burnt out fluorescent bulbs in the regular trash and then you have mercury leaching into the ground water.<br />
Why have 30,000 scientist refuted and sued Al Gore for his closed minded attitude about the global warming issue. I don't watch T.V. ,so Fox is not an issue. The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles naturally. Global Warming is driven by the sun. Ice core samples taken at the polar regions have indicated to scientists that there was just as much CO2 in the air as when Napoleon was getting defeated at Waterloo, who was creating the emissions then? Camp fires?<br />
You're right about Presidents being shot Lincoln and Kennedy opposed an unregulated money system out of U.S.government control. That's why the Federal reserve needs to be booted out. It's not a government agency,even though the name indicates otherwise. That's why they don't really have to answer to our government, as to where they gave all the bail-out dollars to(in some cases overseas banks)<br />
At the Congression hearing Bernanke refused to tell who got the bail out money. That's why there was a movement to audit the Federal Reserve which also failed.<br />
It's worth it to listen to the truth, not the lies the media feeds you, that's why the internet is being attacked. I am not in denial, the picture is much bigger than most people want to admit.

Oh boy, news from Fox...YES you should really believe Fox. Thats news.<br />
lol<br />
When we no longer have water in the united states fit to drink and its drying up from the natural cycles of life.<br />
You will kick your own butt for not conserving.<br />
Is it worth risking to NOT listen?<br />
<br />
Money is the root of all evil.<br />
Any President that opposes the powers that be is shot.

Type your comment here...Scientists have debunked global warming completely even on web sites such as fox news and cnn. I in no way believe we should be wasting our time on most of things the government is spending money on... it is another way to divert the attention from what more serious problems maybe i.e. the economy, war, etc...the green house gas cycle is to blame for much of this

Let's not forget Gore's company that is making millions selling carbon credits. Of course Gore has always been above board and would never think about lining his own<br />
I just remember the 70's and how we were going to have the next ice age in 20 years because of global cooling due to man. How things change when money is involved.

Not only the cap & trade, but all the other taxes coming down the pike. Tax on milage, consumer tax etc.....

Big Al the environmentalists' pal is making tens of millions of dollars spreading these lies. He lives in a mansion and has 30k a year electric bills. He flies around the world in jets that burn fossil fuels. He is also eating far more than his share of the Earth's limited resources.<br />
<br />
Wait til bama and the boys enact the cap and trade bs...all of our energy costs will skyrocket. This of course isn't a tax increase...not! The clueless who thought they wouldn't get hurt by bama's policies are sadly mistaken. I wish I could be there and see that dumb look on their face when they open their electric bill.

It's a sad state of affairs for us all. Apublic debate is in order and the only reason he won't debate the issue is, he knows he's wrong. What can you say for someone that pays a $4,000 average gas and electric bill.

I've planted 80 in my yard, so there is plenty of consumers of co2 on my property plus more oxygen for me. I have an arce lot.

i say we all should plant two trees each in our yards to help with the co2.