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i just recently started working for a mental health organization and it is heartbreaking to hear the people on the other end of the phone who are just at the end of their ropes and ready to kill themselves. I never really empathized with those who were mentally ill. I just thought they were "crazy" and probably could do something about it if they really wanted to, but now I know better. I have seen and heard first hand what mental illness can do to a person and their families. I wish that those who really need help would not be afraid of the stigma that comes with being "mentally ill" and reach out for the help they need.
denverleh denverleh 46-50, F 4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

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I have bipolar disorder and I know what if feels being misunderstood and being said "it's all in your mind, get over it."<br />
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My family, my mother, my grandmother, my father, they thought I was pretending. They thought I was perfectly sane, even if it was clear that I wasn't. I remember that a year ago I wanted to be on medication, because I thought medicines would have helped me, and then my mother and grandmother telling me that I was healthy and sane, to stop pretending I was sick.<br />
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In january I asked my mother to bring me to another psychiatrist, another time. She agreed immediately, she said I was insane, when I told her that I hear voices in my head, that something always controls me and watches me, that I have suicidal and homicidal fantasies, added to my mood swings. But the psychiatrist said it was nothing, I was sane, so she brought me to another doctor, and ta-da, I am bipolar.<br />
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I usually tend to think I'm not suffering, maybe because I'm really young, but then I think a minute, and admitt: I really suffer, I ******* suffer. And don't tell me that, because I'm 16, I'm only a stupid adolescent that is pretending to be sick just to obtain attention. And please, don't fear me, really, I'm not going to kill you. At least until I can't control myself anymore, until I obey my voices. <br />
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I really appreciate that you changed your opinion. Everybody should make your experience.<br />
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I am glad you can empathize and not just think we are all "crazy". It's really hard to reach out for help when people only see you as your condition. <br />
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I applaud those who work in the mental health field. If not for a very kind therapist, I probably would not be alive today.

I too have anxiety issues, but have never sought out professional that i work for a mental health organization and see and hear for myself that I'm not alone, I will get the help I need so I can live the anxiety free life I deserve :)

I couldn't agree more! I am tired of people not taking me seriously because i have mental illnesses. i have a few disorders; so of course everything i say MUST be made up and all in my head.<br />
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it hurts, a lot.