Square Peg In Round Hole

I feel I have gone through my adult years with no one actually getting me,therefore supressing my altars and trying to live a normal life(whatever the f.......... that is)
About 18Yrs ago I was diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder an
d in some ways it was a relief because I always knew that I fragmented, so now it had a name

I have several altars who are all different ages with different needs, and different opinions at times,which can create friction with others in the system. For the most part I manage quite well except when i enter an intimate relationship,where conflict is rife at times.
My altars were formed from the courage to survive the most horrific and incestious acts against me over many years
Joining this site was a comfort,and i hope to continue to build friendships and support others where I can

Sincerely summer breeze
summerbreeze2011 summerbreeze2011
56-60, F
Apr 30, 2011