A Child's Love?

 My mother has border line   paranoid schizophrenia.  we did not always know that though.  It was a rough childhood.  Still I made it through as did my two sisters.  It is a rough road to travel and I want everyone to know at the end it is not so bad.  She was not diagnosed until I was a adult.  It took me years and God's impact to help me learn to forgive her of all the stuff she said and pulled.  Still I have and I just want everyone to know it is okay if your having problems dealing with a loved ones illness.  If you suspect a thing encourage that special someone to get checked up.  It helps with the true understanding of what your dealing with.  Remember when a schizophrenic person is in a paranoid state it can be hard.  Just remind yourself your not alone it is not as uncommon as you think.  Oh and now I work with people like my mother so I have turned my bad experience into a very helpful one.  THE More I work with my clients the more I am able to deal with my mother when even her medication dose not help.
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2012

Yes, it sounds as if you are doing well. Am just curious. Was your mother diagnosed with both Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia? Or you use 'borderline' in the general sense here?

Amazing story. What an impossible situation that must of felt like at times. I am so glad you found healing in helping others.<br />
I admire you for that.

I'm glad you took a positive direction in your life. You didn't let it get you down, instead you used it to your advantage. I admire your strength and determination.