Being Railroaded By School And The System

I've been suffering through many tthings due to a ************ addiction which is hard as hell to talk about with people because some people are so close-minded. I don't like to talk about it because for 1 its pretty damn embarrasing and 2 people think sex and ************ is healthy no matter what which is a lie, when done to excess it's pretty destructive, and 3 some old fashoned people think its too taboo aand ****. This has caused to have deppresion, anxiety, obsessions. I have tried to overcome this but people are so stupid they think i haven't done zanything. the ************ has messed with my fight flight response and causes me to leave school when i feel horrible and don't tell none of yall would do the same. now im in and out of TWO DIFFERENT ******" COURTS N' ****. Nobody klistens there bein' ignorant they dont even think excessive ************ is destructive WELL I'M TELLIN Y'ALL IT IS AND IT ISN'T VERY EASY IT'S A HEALTH PROBLEM JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE, i'm black by the way and i'm thinkin' that might have somethin to do wit the way i'm treated, otherwise i'm respectful, i'm honest, and i'm hard-working, i guess i just need somebody who gets where i'm comin from u know.  sorry fo the cussing but i need help with this, thax 
watupdo watupdo
May 8, 2012