I'm mentally ill. What I have has been diagnosed many times by many psychiatrists in 2 countries. They can't agree on my problem. I was under psychiatric care most of my life and I took psychotropic medications for 20 years. A few months ago I stopped all psychotropic medications and therapy. I'm EXACTLY THE SAME...which goes to show that the mental health system in NOT WORKING. I've been living in new york city for 30 years and I grew up in rome, italy...not exactly the backwoods. In the middle-ages they burned us at the stake and not so long ago they "cured" us with lobotomies...nowadays they do nothing. I read the anonymous blog "I'm adam lanza's mother" written by the mother of a mentally ill 13 year old. The kid has 4 or 5 different diagnosis. He's been hospitalized AND medicated...still he attacked his mother with a knife...in 1996 a mentally ill man opened fire in a kindergarten in scotland - or was it ireland? - the uk changed the gun laws - and they were tight to begin with. In the uk one can't buy a gun...well, the problem isn't gone. I'm sorry to say that I think why adam lanza killed those children...he was trying to save them. He had asperger syndrome. I don't if I had asperger but I was a child prodigy...some prodigy...
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Yea, weirdest thing to me is that people think crazy spreads just by being around somebody mentally ill. I tell people it's like alergies, you can't catch it but they still don't entirely buy that.

I was a bit of a prodigy when i was young then the depression and panic attacks kicked in. Omg, panic attacks... they changed my whole life. I went from being outgoing and funny to scared and paniced to even talk to people.

I understand how you feel about this more than i care to admit.

The mental health system is broken. Maybe 25% of people get a good result. It took me close to 7 years just to get a psychiatrist to treat the condition properly.

Word of advice: i went off my meds too at one point. It took close to a year before the symptoms returned and when they did they were so strong. Word to the wise...

I think maybe right now the medicine isn't advanced enough to help everyone. I, too have not been helped by medicine. Or at least the only one that helped had side effects I couldn't tolerate. Hopefully someday they'll be able to help everybody. I'm not that confident it will happen soon enough to benefit me, though.


My grandmother has bipolar disorder. There's no cure for schizophrenia but when i was on Latuda I had some measure of peace. The hallucinations would stop for a few minutes at a time and be quieter. but I couldn't take the horrible anxiety and restlessness it started causing. I didn't know Bipolar was like that or described that way. I knew it could cause racing thoughts but didn't think about it that way. I actually do have an above average IQ. I think I get that from my grandpa who was highly intelligent in many different areas. He could fix tv's and radio's when the technology was simpler many years ago. He also painted and could craft guns and knives. Grandpa had a very simple manner about himself though that you would never guess it. Unfortunately despite the fact that my intelligence is a little above average I did have trouble doing schoolwork when workloads got heavy. In the Catholic school I went to (4-8) that seemed like most of the time.

Wow that sounds like a nasty thing to go through. It sucks that medication that's meant to help us can actually harm us. When I took Prolixin, my mom said I had a horrible temper. I don't think I want to take any other typical antipsychotics. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. What I try to do is appreciate every little thing I have. Not saying I'm perfect cause I'm nowhere near there but when I can find something I like to do and get occupied with that I get cheered up some.