Hey everyone in the UK! I'm sure that you've all had "one of those days" at work, right? But what if you're suffering from more than this? There are people out there who have dragged themselves to work - people who suffer from a mental health illness - it's far more than "just one of those days" - it's about having to put a brave face on, it's about having to keep quiet about your illnesses, it's about hiding in the toilets so you can have a breakdown without any of your work colleagues knowing, it's about feeling unsure if you can make it through the day at all....it's about living a life with an illness that is misunderstood, stigmatised and judged harshly.

Less than a third of the UK's mentally ill population are receiving any treatment whatsoever. They can't turn to their managers at work, not their HR departments and nor to their colleagues.

I strongly and passionately believe that mandatory mental health training should be provided for all HR departments, directors, senior staff and managers in every single workplace in the UK. The training needs to show employers the truth about mental health, it needs to scrap the stereotypes and banish the stigmas surrounding mental health.

Please could I ask you to sign the petition, share with friends and help make the difference?

VintagePearls VintagePearls
36-40, F
Aug 21, 2014