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I Am A Voracious Reader

Reading informs, questions, provokes, thrills, amuses, takes you to other worlds, and helps helps you make sense of what is around you, all this and much more. I include good newspaper journalism in this) I don't totally decry television, good TV can do much of this (though, as a visual medium, it cannot paint a mental picture like reading can), but too much it's used as a quick fix.
mizzen123 mizzen123 46-50, M 4 Responses Dec 13, 2011

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Hi Mishy, yes reading feeds the imagination and the mind and ultimately the soul! :-)

hi mizzen123 I agree with you about reading its doesnt give back to you like watching tv like getting your imagination to visualise whats happening . happy reading mishy40

Darling kittie, I totally agree. Reading is THE most important tool for our brains :-)

Nice story! Reading is an active action where we must make an effort to process what we read and give it a meaning. I think it should be revalued as the most important tool to keep our minds active and evolving.