Matrice Richardson And Exmayor Guilliani Daughter's Arrest Comparison

This morning I read that they found the missing body of a  young  24 year old beautiful black woman.  She was missing for a couple of months after being released from police custody at l2:10 a.m. in the dark of night  from an isolated police substation in Malibu, Californina.  The authorities had towed her car with her purse and cellphone when they had arrested her.  They released Matrice Richardson knowing she had no money, car, or way of communication with anyone.

What was her crime that night she was arrested????  She didn't have enough money for her restaurant bill at a "rich and famous" hangout.  She called her grandmother who offered the restaurant $86 payment with her credit card.  The manager refused and made a citizen's arrest and demanded the police press charges.  The young lady's skeleton remains were found yesterday a few miles from the substation. What a horrible ending to a young woman's life.

Compare this to the story of exMayor Guilliani's daughter getting arrested last week in NYC at Sephora for shoplifting cosmetics.  The manager didn't know she was the daughter of the exmayor of NYC and called police to press charges and have her arrested.  When the police told the manager who she was the woman didn't want to press charges anymore and pleaded with them to forget about the entire event.  She entered the station a complete mess but so how was able to leave looking like a covergirl for the newspapers.  The D.A. said it was highly unlikely the daughter will ever go to court since the manager refuses to press charges.

One girl in Malibu came in looking like a fasion model dressed in beautiful style but left without anything.  The other came in with a sweat shirt and jeans looking messy but somehow manage to get a complete makeover with hair, makeup, and clothes at the station.  Matrice Richardson was not rich and had no connections and she is dead.  Maybe if she had just received 1% of the loving care Guilliani's girl got she would be alive.

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What a sad story, but, yes you are right, it's not what you know, it's who you know.