Yes, But...

It's true. In certain situations, the justice system is deeply flawed. There are situations were the penalty is not commensurate to the criminal act, or that the termination of the case took too long that the undertaking of judicial procedure seemed futile.

However, I believe that despite all these justice should not be placed into one's own hands. First, because you are deeply emotionally invested in the case, you are the last person who can fairly judge what the outcome should me. Heck, you would probably be blind with anger. The cost of implicating an innocent person would be too great.

Second, imagine if all people took justice into their own hands. It is like going back to savage days where there is no right or wrong. It will be chaos!

I remember one time that exemplifies this.

The court just read out the judgment. The accused was acquitted. There was no enough evidence that made him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The accused was happy, very happy until... he was shot right inside the courtroom.

The courtroom was located on the ground floor of the building. Apparently, someone was hiding behind one of the trees near the courtroom window. When the judgment was read out, allowing the accused to be released, the gunman shot him dead.

The act of killing the accused was reprehensible. Taking justice into one's hands is bad enough. But to kill a man when a court clearly found that he may be innocent of the crime is beyond belief.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 14, 2012