Lock 'em Up and Throw Away the Key?

Let me see.

If I wanted to design a system for dealing with criminal behaviour that:
  • Aims to punish people instead of change their behaviour and prevent repeat offending,
  • Turns minor law breakers into hardened criminals,
  • Poses a major drain on society's resources to no useful end,
  • Creates a criminal underclass and provides a place for criminals to make more criminal contacts,
  • Offers wildly varying outcomes for the same crime,
  • Puts many victims of crime through an additional ordeal,
  • Panders to politics rather than attempts to solve the problems,
  • Fails as a genuine deterrent...
  • Then I would probably design something like the current criminal justice system.

    Don't get me wrong, I have deep admiration for all the people who work and serve in the criminal justice system, and for those trying to make something better of it.

    I'm just saying that it's a terrible system, and the whole approach needs redesigning, beginning at the very principles that underpin it. Our current approach is clearly neither working well, nor even remotely appropriate for the supposed sophistication of this civilisation.
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    I have one question. What is your solution?

    Angie's List for attorneys to give voice to clients damaged by the bad strategies of their retained counsel. Hold judges accountable for their rulings, it is not their court, it is the peoples.

    I know why Lady Justice has blindfolds! To hide the tears. It was not supposed to be this way. Its run by lawyers, making far too much money and the law comes before justice. I share in the ladies tears.

    4 stories, 20 members ... I wonder what we're doing about it beyond writing stories of angst? <br />
    <br />
    Change begins with a ripple in the ocean ... right? <br />
    <br />

    I couldn't agree with you more ! Our current system is seriously in need of repair !

    i couldn't agree with ya more, bird man. the justice system is educating the criminals but not in a positive manner. in fact, it's perpetuating the problems for which it was developed to decrease ... it's frustrating to say the very least, especially when you see society crumbling all around you before your very eyes and it seems no one is doing a thing to better it ... *sighs*

    It's frustrating to think that an overwhelming majority, know that what you say is true: even those in a position to change it. Year after year it stays the same. My brother in law did 15 years hard, for tax fraud, when I know personally of three cases of cold blooded murder, where the perps did 5.

    I agree with you. I'm in some trouble over a check, but I may as well have been busted for drugs or worse. I'm facing penalties almost as bad. I'm not a compulsive check bouncer, neither!!