Court Adjourned?

While I must admit that our justice system is good in very many ways, it ticks me off that so many cases seem unfair. There are women out there who are literally driven crazy by their manipulative and abusive husbands who then kill them, and they get life in prison with no chance of parol. But there are men out there who got 3-5 on deliberate manslaughter. Serial killers who get parol after sometimes less than ten years. Too many innocent people are convicted on circumstantial evidence, while hard evidence is given on cold-blooded killers who get away with their ghastly crimes. "Tell us this, give us that, and you get your sentence cut in half." Its wrong and it makes me sick. And the sentencing! Sometimes the sentence is too harsh, too severe for the given crime (and sometimes for innocent people). While other times the sentence was so damn lenient for the worst of crimes, you just want to smack the jurors/judge 'till they've got brain damage! While a lot of times our justice system may get it right, there are too many wrongs for me to feel safe.
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I think at least part of the problem is the lack of any meaningful dimension to the sentencing. It's just How Many Years +/- financial compensation. What's that meant to teach people??? Given that places in the US still have that perverse monstrosity known as the death penalty, you'd think that a bit more creative sentencing would not go astray :P A proof of penance system would be interesting, I think. Where you have to demonstrate that you really are sorry.