Failure In Institutions

I remember being beaten by the justice system and a desire for drugs that was fed by an opponent. What I forgot was the deceit that I ultimately accepted in order to negate my own swindle. You get back what you put, for me I believe for me actions are delivered back to me almost immediately. So I try to take caution with all of my encounters, although I rationalize much of the time playing the human card. We tend to forget the things that really scar us. Of course you remember things that you think are significant, while others lay dormant. What you end up with is a machine that is destined to fail. I was being agitated and pushed to my edge for what I had done wrong. Some would argue deservingly. I do not believe it is worth the effort to put someone else in so much pain because they put you in pain. I think it is easier to cut your loses and move on. Although opponents often nurture themselves in vindictive behavior that wastes great measures of time for both parties. If you are held captive by a force equally as powerful as the justice system you are destined to fail. Based on this hypothesis I am destined to fail again without any chance of retreat. The structure of these institutions are flawless and unforgiving to its victims. I have been submerged in pain that I attempt to forget, but at the same time am haunted by so much. Now that I have ultimately chosen a fate that was avoidable my deterioration is unavoidable. This is a law of nature that is arranged meticulously. Why it is so, or the pondering of why it is so, is the cause defects of character in a societal aspect. I am only referring to isolated defects of character in society, primarily psychological labels. I use the psychiatry system for its benefits which it doesn’t strive to bear. I think it is, for the most part, as much of a retched institution as the justice system, or any institution, in all of it’s angels. These interferences with nature are the constitution of the human. Based on it’s self-destructive design it further enforces the futility of existence.
wilchrist wilchrist
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I can hear you, that you are before a strong opponent that sits on great deal of advancement and seemingly flawless superficiality, yea strong as the ultimate mafia of technequalities. gaining confidence not by the pious deeds that may decieve public opinion because it does not care, but by the fact it is strong. No game can be played against it and win except the game of a believer. who trust in the ultimate of the confidence in the spirit of perfection. but be at guard the opponent may choose the same tool to complain against your truth. therefore, at the end it is only logic that can sustain your argument and can charge you to become a fighter of justice