But I Respect It Anyways

I do love the law, but I am not a fool, I do see the flaws in it! There are too many loopholes in it for criminals to escape. And too many walls to keep the innocent in. And sometimes it can be bought-off, like what happened with me and my rapist... the law turned it's back on me, because I couldn't afford it's attention. He could, since his family is rich. BUT, despite all that... I still love the law and would like to somehow be a part of helping to fix it. I know that's not possible, but a girl can dream. :-)

I've wanted to be an lawyer, but that train has long left. Not to mention my problems with anxiety. So, that just wouldn't fly in this lifetime. I do have a lot of knowledge of the law. And I enjoy learning more about state laws, and finding it's flaws too. And some laws are stupid and should be completely thrown out too, in my opinion. And new laws should be written in too. Society changes with the times and so should some laws too. Many are outdated and just need a little upgrade.  Like what constitute a legal marriage. That needs to change too! :-D

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Mar 26, 2009