Little Things

A smile from my husband
A kiss from my children
A simple thank you from an elderly person I am helping during my volunteering
A purr from my cat as I pet her
The fact that things actually grow in my garden

All of these things and so many other "little things" are what gives my life the flavor it has and what makes it all worthwhile. They have no monetary value and are worth more to me than all of the gold on earth.

So many people out there are searching so hard for a reason to be, for something to believe in when all they need to do is to look around them to witness the beauty that life has given them. Amazing that there are so many people without houses, withou food who seem happier than the rest who have everything they want and more.

To focus on the small things not only make life worthwhile but it also makes you a better person in general.
WrathAngel WrathAngel
36-40, F
May 7, 2012