They Do!

Just the most simple, tiny, things in life can make me happy. A hug or a smile. I don't require a lot (if any) money or items to make me happy. Growing up, I didn't have much, my sister and I learned to be happy with what we had. And I guess that stuck with us, as we became adults. :-)

So even though I may be able to afford some things now, I often do not NEED to spend the money. And I often don't, saving it for more important things. Gifts and items hardly mean anything to me, only in what spirit a friend chooses to send it to me. It's only if it's a gesture of love and friendship, does a gift mean anything to me. Otherwise, it's just some trinket that I will get bored of and toss away... like I mostly do with things I have bought for myself. =p

But hugs, laughter, smiles, understanding, kindness, friendship, family... these things make my life worthwhile! :-D

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Mar 14, 2009