Walk Of Worth

Setting out to shake whatever this goo is that hangs over me I trudge through the snow with a bitter stomp.  I'm out of sorts.  A little pissed.  A titch annoyed.  Kind of panicky with a dash of fearfulness.   A whole stew kettle of emotions that blend very poorly together.  Too crabby to take the beauty of lake route I settle for a wet walk through the Village.  With my hair up under my daughter's billed stocking cap and my dark shades on, I am counting on remaining anonymous to those that may think they recognize me.  I'm not into chatting right now.  I just want to walk and listen to Kitro.  I am grumpy and I am holding my body tightly.  Like dragging an old, lazy dog on a leash my body fights letting loose and moving with ease.  I switch music.  I attempt to relax.  The more I try the worst it gets.  Frustration begins to sink in.

I stop.  Pull the buds out of my ears.  The sun is shinning lemony and warmly.  I yank the cap off my head and shake loose my hair.  I take several deep breaths.  Inhaling the aroma of wet sidewalks, old snow on the melt and a waft of damp heat on pavement jingles my memory.  The old water tower looms several yards in front of me.  From the second tier of rails, long, wizard beard icicles slide off and crash where I can not see them.  All I can hear is the crystal like explosion of their demise.  I close my eyes to hear this sound better and as I do I hear several red wing black birds sing their sweet chant.  A Mona Lisa smile creeps across my lips.  My shoulders loosen, the grip on my neck releases and my body lightens. The sun shines brighter.  At my feet lay the puddles of melting snow.  My gooey mood begins to dissolve as I walk the next four blocks jumping and splashing into every single puddle I can find, unearthing a forgotten delight in this wet activity.  The tender nubs of the crocus's are visible around the mail boxes and porches and their presence gives me a blush of hope.  Before I know it I have reached the outskirts of my tiny Village...with miles of sun drenched country roads on the horizon, it is with great ease I forge ahead...smiling.

With a ****** of a mood, standing on that crumbling little street corner, there in the middle of that old time neighborhood, which lays at the center of my wee Village, at the exact moment that my senses filled with the sweetness of sun soaked pavement, spring began this year for me.    

I am grateful for the moment for it was just what I needed.    My sincere compliments and humble thanks to the Divine Wow.  She really knows her stuff.

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13 Responses Mar 1, 2010

She is pretty cool. Thanks Lilt.

I would be lost without The Divine Wow. She amuses and surprises us every day, huh?<br />
Glad you let your hair down, Nancy.

Again, Ari, I thank you most sincerly.

Thank you Cabcraft. Wishing you a wonderful spring as well.

I would love to write as beautifully as you do. I hope your spring is beautiful and filled with more awakenings like this one. x@

Happy spring Frito!!!:) <br />
<br />
Myonis--She'll be there any day. Thanks for stopping by.<br />
<br />
Paco35--Thanks for your comment.<br />
<br />
Emrldpeeps---Thank you for the nice words and hugs.<br />
<br />
Juan--I 've yet to spy one but I swear to God I hear them.<br />
<br />
Thank you--squigglefish. (cute name)

She really does know her stuff, doesn't she? These little surprises that pop up to yank us out of our funk -- they are just what we need and more. <br />
Well said, ND.<br />
<br />
Redwing blackbird?! You know, it was exactly this time last year when you made the ame claim, and I just couldn't believe it. You were right though!<br />
<br />
I kept my eyes peeled on my long drive, and did see some starlings. PErhaps the redwings are floating about out there too.

Great story. <br />

Praise the Divine Wow. I'm glad she shined down upon you. =) I better pray harder. She seems kind of far away right now. (Great story! )

Bravo and Happy Spring Nancy!!

ShadowofDoubt---it's great when a walk really delivers:)

Thank you Ladee. You're words are so kind.

sometimes, no matter how adamant you are about staying in your funk, that "something" will pull you. that itty bitty little thing, turns out to be grand afterall. glad you took that walk.