When my young daughter and I were last home to see grandma and grandpa I remarked upon passing over the little creek's bridge that when I was young we use to make forts along it's bank.  The first nice Saturday in spring several of us neighbor kids would meet at the city dump.  From there we would harvest items to build our forts.  Once collected we would barge them down the creek to our pre-picked spot and thus would begin a spring of building and a summer of defending.  It was a glorious time.

Last week my daughter informed that she too is going to build a fort this spring and that PJ and Cooper are going help her.  Her fort location choice is near the old silo.  The old silo is sort of my adult fort so I totally get her desire to build there.

Yesterday was the first day of building.  Spunky is maintaining leadership even though when she mentioned it to PJ he said he had thought of it first.  Donning my leather work gloves Spunky asks for the unsawed limbs near the burn pit and thus is the way with children, they made a huge to-do about removing them.  It was cute to watch...I knew enough to watch from inside the house.  PJ flexes his muscle and warns Spunky to stay clear but not to be out done Spunky pulls her own weight. I could hear Spunky telling PJ that once the fort is built, she will cook their dinners there.  PJ offers to bring an old cooler from his Mom's garage so they can store food and tells her not to worry about the roof remarking that he is tall enough to handle it.  Spunky is short and says she found and old milk crate by the silo so she can help him reach.

Spunky is ten and PJ is twelve.  I was concerned that maybe PJ might run rough shod over my wee, little Spunky.   Secretly checking on them from my bedroom window I saw PJ, slumped shouldered walking away...I thought "Gee, he's given up playing with a girl already?"  Then I noticed him stooping down and picking up Spunky's sweatshirt and walking back with it. 

Gosh, she reminds me of someone I once knew. 

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Thank you Cabcraft.

I agree, lovely story, beautifully told x@

Thanks Frito. :)

Definitely not a hack job Nancy...very tender words.

If you say so...I'll take it!

Hmm, well, chops or no chops this is far froma hack job. One need not tell much more to express the sentiment, therefore it is told quite well.

Thanks Juan. Me thinks it a bit of a hack job...there is so much more I could tell and tell it so much better. I just don't have the chops for it lately.

This is beautifully written, Nancy Drew.<br />
Such sentiment economically yet colorfully expressed.