My Ode To Charlie From The Love Police

Greetings Charlie and how do you do
Had to write another poem to you
Didn’t get a reply to the last one
But can appreciate now you’re a busy man
Swanning off to Canada, to the G20
And wandering around secret garden party
And even now you have a bigger belly

Was wondering if I bought a megaphone
I could come join you on a jaunt
To get people thinking and to taunt
Security services and the like
And to ask pedestrians to get a life
And to read some of my poetry out
Peace and love; equal measure: About

Cos the world is just getting so insane
And wikileaks now doing the dirty work
Of the CIA, making the case for WW3
Now accessory’s to murder, or will be
But really surprised that you haven’t been
Targeting chav’s, or have you given up
On them sadly, need a brain to appreciate

Your actions and words, very comedic
And you have built a great reputation
For putting a smile on everyones face
Though recently, seemed too serious
Are you going to the Edinburgh fringe?
I am really considering it, and
If you want to, Can have a lift

But I really think I could help you
Take your campaign to the next level
I have written ode’s to lots of people
In the public eye, to try and get them thinking
And I can write a poem to anyone
Get your camera, let’s ambush them
See how they like their truth served

And all that’s needed is to turn one head
Of someone with millions of fans
And catch the lot on film
You now have quite a fan base too
To get the message out of peace and love
Never the same without a sidekick tho
And for that job I am now volunteering
At least lets try it once, see how it goes

Since I met you at the swine flu rally
Remember we talked about our brothers
Doing well up their respective dark towers
When so far up, well hard to turn heads
Though thought my Ode to Oprah
Would have really done it for sure

But these people have firewalls surrounding
Jim Carrey, Elton John, Obama Especially
And all are available for you to view
On the EP Link
MAKETEANOTWAR, says it all

So please look at all my kind words
Was dubbed at glasto the next
But I’v recently found most publishers
Of poetry, currently sit in the dark
But it needs an out before the web is censored
By the end of the year: No doubt

But regardless I currently doff my hat
To you for all your comedic efforts
But without someone else to giggle with
Your stuff sounds just so serious
And yes my poetry is serious too
But my ode to ThomsonReuters
In defence of the likes of God
And his productions, just shows
I can laugh in the face of the devil
As it tries to take my soul

Peace x

41-45, M
Jul 27, 2010