I Think Therefore I Am

..said René Descartes, and,, by george or anyone else, I believe he was right. The tragedy is that society does not encorage people to use this amazing organ, and therein lies the problems of society. Despotic regimes censor, others just prefer it if the populace don't think too hard about what they're up to, don't question too much, accept what they've been told (received wisdom is a pet hate of mine). As I've said elsewhere, knowledge and intelligence is wonderful and so sexy it's scandalous, and we can work towards curing so many social evils if we engage our minds!


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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

mystikRage, you're very welcome :-) The mind is the greatest aphrodisiac known to human-kind, and we don't, as a species, use this amazing organ to anything like its full potential.