Saw It Yesterday

My boyfriend and I saw the Avengers yesterday. Luckily he bought the tickets online ahead of time. It was packed. When we got to the theater there was a long line waiting to buy tickets. We walked right in, got our popcorn and sodas and went into the theater. It was already about one third full and we were early! Couldn't sit in the seats we wanted but we still got great seats. Tons of peeps came in late and had to sit in the very front where only little kids like to sit. Even stupid peeps who came in after the lights went out and tried to find a seat. Can you imagine?

The setup was good. I thought they were taking a bit long at first to get to the meat of the movie, but realized the whole thing was the meat. Lots to chew on. lol I thought it must be made for the ADHD generation and told my bf that. lol Have to see it at least three more times to catch all the action parts.

OMG OMG OMG!!! I laughed so hard when Hulk suddenly straightened his arm to the side and punched Thor, then right after was the scene with Loki going into his tirade about being a god and Hulk smashed him about like a dog playing with a rag doll. I peed my undies. Good thing I was wearing some. I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes or so.

Then we saw the ending with the alien guy and when he turned his head my bf said, "Awesome, Thanos!" I had no idea, but I guess this Thanos guy is a big mover in the Marvel bad guy universe. So we know who the villain will be in the next movie.

Did anyone catch the very very end? That restaurant scene? My bf and I had to talk about it and we think it had to do with the place Tony Stark mentioned earlier. can't recall what it was, but some type of foreign food eatery. They all looked just totally exhausted. So I guess at the end of the movie they decided to head for that restaurant and get something to eat. Makes sense to me. I want to see the next movie NOW!
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I thought it was pretty cool as well, and I enjoy Robert Downey. The Hulk was very cool in the scenes you describe.<br />
<br />
Looks like Advengers II will be out sometime in 2014. RD still has to do Iron Man III and there is another Sherlock Holmes in the works, busy boy.

Didn't they already do a 2nd Sherlock Holmes? I saw the first one. Strange.

There is a 3rd Sherlock in the works.

Thanks. Can't wait to see it again.