I really don't get how this song has become a hit. Maybe the chorus is decent but the part where she goes 'I wanna party and bullshit' over and over is annoying. Yet another mainstream pop song about getting wasted. I wonder what the 'bullshit' is even supposed to be in that song - perhaps it's Rita's version of 'getting laid' or something. This part from the song article on Wikipedia was, in my opinion, a big joke:
On 24 February 2012, she visited New York's Z100 radio station with her Roc Nation label boss Jay-Z, to premiere the song. Ora said that "they heard it and wanted to play it straight away. (...) It was one of those moments where I tried not to cry, I wanted to burst out in tears, it was a moment for me".
What I gathered from that paragraph was that songs about partying and 'bullshit' seems to be the only thing that sells nowadays. Just throw in some chords, a beat and words about 'getting crunk' and you've got the 'perfect' chart-topper. As a musician I'm rather disgusted at how easy it is to produce a 'hit'. I write my beats from scratch, using other songs as a reference and writing out the notation on a MIDI program. There are others who work 1000x harder than these lazy producers and still get nothing. It ****** me off. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I write my own 'party and bullshit' song - if it will be even more popular than my other works, some of which I have been working on for years.
To get back to the topic, this - along with Scream and Shout - win my award for Least Substantial Song of 2013.
lntel lntel
Jan 23, 2013