Are You Insane?!

i can't believe anyone would buy this scandalously overpriced cheese-grater! it's vulgar! it's like everything that's wrong with everything in the world. seriously. are you all completely bananas.

ocelia ocelia
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i think its revolting. the thought of grating dead skin from nasty *** feet and then collecting it in an "egg" is disgusting.<br />
<br />
i mean you can open the damn thing up and check out all your FOOT SHAVINGS....**gags**

My ped egg is a great invention! No, You don't grind your maryjane, you use it to "sand" your rough heels. It works really well to smooth your feet. I say it's the best invention since sliced bread!

What the hell is that?<br />
Do you use it to grind your maryjane?