You Are My Comfort!

My friends here are the best in the world! I want to share some words about how they make me feel. Let me try with inadequate words....Sit back. Relax. And feel my words. And off we go...*smiles largely*
When times are hard and troubles are many, I reach out to you. And you are there always. You rush in. You take my hand. You pull me close. You offer me solace. Your words comfort me. You hold my heart. You stir my soul. Your offer me hope. You calm my fears. You listen to my words of despair. You offer wisdom. You fluff my pillows. You offer love.
It is akin to falling backwards into a bed prepared with fresh wind and sun kissed sheets with an encompassing homemade quilt of love. And I fall back with confidence, knowing you will always be there.And I sink deeply, safely and easily. Your love is mine. And it comforts me. And even though we are not near in distance, you are in my heart and you are in my soul. No matter what, you bring me refuge and comfort and love. And I can never adequately give you words of gratitude. And I appreciate and love you more than mere words can say. And so I thank you with love. And I give you my support. And I cherish you soooooooooooo much. I love you, my EP friends now, always, and forever. kisssesssssssssssssssssssssssss.....2011A aka Cyn/Cynthia.
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you are
human being........
you are

The feeling is mutual. I could've seriously written this same story it's how I feel connected with it like jumper cables to a declining heart, rejuvenation!!! We have that effect on ya ;) LOL