The Circus Of Life

Life is a circus! It is easy to see! Come visit my circus! Come listen to me!
My circle is in it! Each have a part. Cause you see my dears- They live in my heart!

Oracszen is the ticket seller. He can learn to be more loud. And he can handle the money and the crowds with decorum. He is a bit shy, but loving. I can depend on him.
Ferric67 is the strong man. He is handsome to behold and he is a gladiator. The women love him. And the men wish they were more like him. Though strong, he is gentle. And can handle any trouble if needed.
Waywardsilentmoon is a fire breather. His lovely SilentBluemoon assists him closely. They are a delightful, loving couple. And people gather around to be astounded at their tricks.
Stankadiddlehopper is my publicist. He is loyal, intelligent, witty, and loving. I trust him always. He is always close to me. He can handle any problems efficiently and can relieve me in my duties if I need a break.
Eatingcrow is obviously the equestrian lady. She can handle the horses competently. Everyone will be dazzled by her tricks and her mastery of her team of fine horses. She is intelligent, graceful, strong, and fair. Her sweet little son would sit close in the seats and applaud her.
Faerylight is the tightrope walker. Graceful, daring, and beauteous. Eyes are on her when she dances across the tightrope.
Grayday104 is manning the kissing booth. He is young, vital, and would please the young girls. Even the older ones. He would have fun. And believe in himself and his value. Everyone who pays contributes to charity. He would love this.
Flashnic is handsome and exploratory. Kinky. He could be in charge of the tent that is open to adults only. The one where the men go to see scantily clad beauties. Lap dancers are there. All sorts of scandalous events. He would manage this well. His exhibits would always be sold out. So popular they would be.
Thewhazzup dude would be the ringmaster. He has been close to me for a long time. I trust him completely too. He would draw the crowd's attention. His loyalty, his protectiveness, his love of people, and his charm would be perfect for this role.
Jazzyknickers would roam the grounds, wearing revealing clothes. Drawing men near. ******* off the women. LOL! She would sell something. Desirable trinkets. Roses. Things like that. Everyone wants a nice souvenir of the circus. I can hear her laughing and joking. Saucy, smart Jazzy!
Maltesemermaid would man the fortuneteller's tent. She is powerful. And I could replace her if she needed a break. She is wise and intelligent and lovely too. The lines would be long to visit her.
Lushiro would be in charge of the lost souls. He would help them find their way home. Lushiro is young, intelligent, loving, and a messenger. He is valuable and loved by all that matter.
GTR1400 would man the water exhibits. The ones where you rent the canoes or paddle boats or the ride-in swans. He is strong, fun, and intelligent. He could handle any emergencies quickly and efficiently.
Destry and Bleebergie could be the ladies in the ring. Wandering up and down entertaining the crowds. Hushing the crying babes. Answering people's inquiries. They are beauties and the crowds would adore them. Sweet and kind and sexy too.
GoneViral would be in charge of the books. I trust him. And when he wanted a break he could wander around the circus, getting to know the others here. Making friends. Learning the world is a good place. He would
become more confident each day, each night. He is a good man.
Cpgnatly would be my advisor. He handles all problems. Comes up with brilliant new ideas for keeping the circus bringing in the crowds. A brilliant, cynical, wise man he is!
Miraclerenancer would be the daredevil shot out of the cannon! He is brave, loving, and never ever gives up! Such a dear man. 
Jatpack3 would manage all the rides. Demorcan would manage all the booths. Both are smart, active, vital men. They are capable of handling anything.
Tigermoth would be in charge of the elephants.. He is creative, intelligent, loving, and calm. I trust him totally. He would handle these giant, intelligent creatures well. I adore him. 
Calvinunmaker would be the manager. He knows people. His intelligence and wit and love would be desirable. And he is practical too. I trust him totally.
Neverdiewondering would manage the animal exhibits. His knowledge, intelligence, warmth, and love for nature is obvious. He would teach and educate the public on beasts of all kinds. I would spend much time learning more on this with him. He is one with all of god's creations. An easygoing, natural man.
Pedrohedgerow would be beside me. His charm, intelligence, his strength, his wit and his love would mean the world to me.
There are many more in the circus. I cannot mention all of them. My circle
is large, but loving, creative, and passionate.
Come one, come all! The circus is about to open. Welcome to the circus!
Welcome to my friends, one and all. Come on in...kissessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....Cynthia.

August 25, 2013. Update: Neverdiewondering is long absent. His choice. A real disappointment. Selfish. I did not know this. And having medical problems. I knew that. I saved his life so he could leave me. Again his choice. Some men disappoint. Others here are authentic. I live. I learn. I grow. Thank you for your lessons.

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11 Responses Jan 24, 2013

OMG! Do you need a GOOD clown? LOL!

I love the way you described your Ep Circus

Your imagination is breathtaking Cyn. I am glad you added me into your circle. I will so rock the rides gig.

i loved the creativity
and heart which this was written....
may all you freely give
return to you sevenfold...
joyinthejourney, clg

What a great crew you have

If your circus needs a roustabout ... I'm your man lol Can't sing, dance or play guitar like that feller in the movie "Roustabout" could ... but can do many other tasks that may need to be done :)

How moving is this?I see many good friends mentioned here,with due tribute to what makes them special,and others I dont know,but who are clearly people of quality.Beautiful Cynthia,well done!xxxxxxxx

Now this story is definitely creative. A circus indeed! But, hey, where are the clowns? A circus needs clowns to hold the mirror of foolishness in front of the face of humanity.

Awesome depiction of your circle!! xoxo

This is all the evocatively articulation.

Elephants are such noble creatures, but can have a wild side, to be able to have command of such an animal takes compassion and a strong heart but gentleness. A position made for me xx

i love your words tigermoth,and respect to you

Thank you so much, seems like the circus is ready for the show.