I yearn for her once more. Her eyes, her laugh, her beauty. Most of all, I yearn for her kiss. I remember how we used to kiss. Soft, passionate butterfly kisses. Taking a break to look into one another's eyes. Me stroking her ears, stroking her hair. Her stroking my arm, stroking my neck. Nothing else in the world matters. We've lost track of the world around us. We have no idea there are people nearby, watching, wondering. We don't have a care in the world. The only thing that matters is her and I.

When I look into her eyes, I see happiness. I see caring. I see an overwhelming sense of joy. I feel happiness within every fiber of my being knowing that it was I who makes her feel that way.

I long for those sweet, passionate, butterfly kisses we once shared so often. I miss your passion and you zest for life. Most of all, I miss YOU.

I miss you, ~B. I wish you were back in my life. But I know it just cannot be.
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Another tearful post. :'(

Thank you. Such is life. I get my hopes up then down they go. It is what it is.

I assume that's how my MM was. He never ever entertained the thought of letting me go. His arms are always open and he committed to always be open to me for the rest of his life. What a complete mind numbing thing to say to me. But knowing him as I do, I know he meant it. He has proven it over the course of two years that he never backed down. Never said no to me. Never ever closed the door. I wished at some point that he had. But I am on the right track of forgiveness for myself and for him. And my door will be closed for good. Thank you for your response.

If you have strong enough feelings for someone, you'll never forget them. I'm thankful for the memories created, much like I hope you are too.

Right now I am sad and hurt and a little angry. But I know in time, I will remember the sweetness of what love in our time together had to offer. That it was meant for me to know it as I did. That it was meant for me to feel it. And in my moments of clarity, I appreciate what he showed me. I will always love him for that.

And by being hurt, I'm not saying he did anything to hurt me. Except grab my hand.
And that's where my anger also comes from. I will grow from that though. It takes time.

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Ahh. That was beautiful. Thank you I love it.

Thank you. I'm glad you loved it.


Your desire can be felt. I hope you can have what you want soon.

You and me both. But it's not likely. Thank you for your sentiments, though.

When its right it just happens I think, without too much trouble or toil for it. When its right, she is there for you, wanting you too.

We all want what we can't have. This is one of those situations.