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Most Beautiful Thing About Rain...

Have you ever noticed the beauty of rain...I mean have you ever consciously felt that nature looks beautiful after the downpour...
Well I have,  and that's the most beautiful thing about rain and then the rainbow comes along and spread the colourful smile across the sky that's really amazing... 
The most beautiful thing I feel is when the plants,trees, shrubs all gets drenched and the green colour gets brightness more than ever and due to the rain the soil gives an amazing smell...I really love the smell and its the most refreshing experience I always felt...
Nature is more colourful and beautiful after the rain and I think God loves us when it rains and gives us the relief from heat..atleast sometimes..
I love rain :)  and I always cherish the memories of rain when I am alone...
I hope as you read my story, you will remember the beautiful memories of rain as well...   
papri papri 31-35, F 8 Responses Sep 5, 2011

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this is amazing :)

your a beautiful writer :) x

thank you Jessica!!

you're very welcome :) x

"colorful smile"you have given me by your story thats very beautiful even the talk about rain.i like rain so much.and i love the raining session as much as the time after rain but yes the freshness thst we feel after rain trhat is beautiful.i would always say thanks i think when anyone will talk about rain.thakn you so much for sharing it.<br />

Thanks for this lovely post. You have described exactly how I feel about rain. I like to tilt my face towards the rain and love the feel of it spattering on my skin. It's almost as though I can feel my skin soaking it in, and feeling better for it.

Rain gets bad press - for example it always rains when people break up in movies. I agree it's really a lovely thing to watch though.

i love rain too ;). I think rain is the gift which God give people ^^

You have hundred times reason. The rain is a marvellous gift for which we have all need. It sprinkles the gardens and arrose our hearts. The delicious feeling of the water which runs on the face gives another dimension, like a carress dof the sky. It is necessary to love rain and like you say, which God gives us, it is necessary to thank Him for.

Ohhh, i love how it feels just before, during and after the rain! I agree that everything smells and looks refreshing after the rain!