Unhappy Coincidence

Drop in average education level, drop in educational investment, drop in real income, growth in lower income population, shrinkage of the percentage of wealth held by the majority, increasing use of religion to justify unbound free-market theory, rise of hate/anger "news" popularity, increasing disatisfaction with anything that isn't a purchasable product, rise of near-fascist religious sentiment... Hardcore left and hardcore right only differ in their means to the same end: domination of the majority by a minority. Nothing is more anti-democratic than someone who thinks their fact-less belief system is better than others. Just like the wonderful dictatorships of the 20th century. Hardcore leftists and hardcore rightists both use fear, anger and "the politics of the other" to do the same thing: control the lives of others and consolidate power (might and/or money) in a minority. The religious right has taken the place of communism as the greatest threat to democratic principles and free-market capitalism. We won the race to the top so now there's nothing left but to win the race to the bottom!
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You're not alone leaning toward conspiracy, of course, but I tend to believe that's more about the human tendency to perceive patterns than a conspiracy. I mean, celebrities don't "die in 3's" but it's easy to be convinced that they do because our brains just naturally puzzle. From what I've seen, existence is too chaotic and complex to be able to predict humanity's and nature's long-term outcome. In fact, we find a significant measure of comfort in thinking somebody's got a plan, even if we don't like the plan or it's the plan of our enemy.<br />
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Just my opinions, o'course. Your mileage will certainly vary. Past performance is and is not an indication of future returns. Operators are standing by. Consult your doctor before consuming more crap you don't need and that doesn't more damage than good. I approve of this message.