We Would Be In Big Trouble If Those Guys Ever Got Into Power

History tells us what happens when people like this get into power.  In ancient Pagan Society, the kings deified themselves, and killed humans offering them to their gods.  In Medieval Europe, the Church murdered and tortured anyone who did not absolutely conform to the Pope.  Calvins theocracy also tortured people.  In Puritanical America, people were tortured and killed for not conforming to their calvinistic garbage.  Saudi Arabia is ran under some Wahabi cult, and they perform graphic slaughterings of anyone who opposes them.  Iran its the same thing.  We had some psycho dominionists like Rushdooney and North who sought to create some Calvinist theocracy slaughtering anyone who did not conform to their belief system.  Thank God theyre dead.  Then we have nutjobs like Falwell and Robertson who have attempted and failed miserably at establishing this Moral Majority system. 

Simple reason is their belief in Hell.  Their God will cast countless souls all except them into intense torture and punishment forever.  Thats the BS they believe.  And thats exactly what they become.  Violent, hateful, power hungry, narrow minded, cruel, sadistic and horrible people.  Do we want people who worship a sadistic monster worse than Hitler in politics?  I DONT.  I dont want to live in a country where you can be tortured brutally just cause your not an adherent to their religion.  If they want to worship this monster, thats their business.  Just stay the hell out of politics.  I will not be ruled over such monsters.  Their god is no different than Pol Pot.  Your two choices.  FOLLOW ME, or SUFFER FOREVER.  And somehow this is good?  I think not.  Screw the Religious right.  They are maniacs worse than dog ****.  Keep them the hell out of power.
ratburn ratburn
Mar 19, 2011